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For students in grade 6 through 2019 and 2020 graduates

Locations for 2020

Due to some sites being unavailable to us due to health concerns - SubFiveK events for 2020 will not be held. If you would like information about virtual competitions please email us at to receive details.

      2020 Run Locations



Welcome to the Sub FIVE-K Cross Country Series.  Fun for all running abilities.



Note: Pre-Registration only as there are a number of hosts with this series of events that need to be able to plan.  Online registration is open until 11 a.m. the day of the respective individual event.  Preregister now for as little as $7 per race when you enter all four events.

DAY OF REGISTRATION - If you waited till the last minute to register, we ABSOLUTELY want you to participate. Please email us at to let us know to expect/plan for you.  You will need a parents signature as well if you do not sign off online.  Day of registration will also be an additional $5 for a total of $15.00.  Please bring the correct payment as well, as we will not carry change with us.  If you cannot email us - still please show up and we will get you included - we just ask you to do your best in communicating with us that you will be participating so we know what to plan for.


Sub FIVE-K is a series of cross country race opportunities for students in grades 7-12 (2019 and 2020 grads included) of all abilities.  You are invited to enter one, some or all of them.  A number of coaches around the Fox Valley, south eastern Wisconsin, southern Wisconsin and Madison area are helping to host these events to give the students summer opportunities.


The events are not a “school team” event.  You enter these as individuals similar to a local 5K in your community. However, we welcome you to encourage as many of your teammates to attend as possible and share the ride, but again, these are individual registrations. 


The name Sub FIVE-K is based off of the events being less than a 5K.  The events will be approximately 4K to 4.5K. We hope this will encourage FUN participation with no emphasis on a personal best 5K time for summer fun with friends and training.

2020 Race Locations: (More to follow.  Please keep checking back.)


Thursday, July 9th - Ripon / 6:30 start - Barlow Park

Thursday, July 16th - West Bend West / 6:30 start

Thursday, July 23rd - Concordia University - Mequon / 6:30 start

Thursday, July 30th - Lakeland University/Plymouth / 6:30 start


Races are CO-ED. Race times are set for 6:30 p.m. (unless specified) There will be plenty of opportunities for awards (some fun & unusual ones) and give aways/door prizes. The more runners that sign up, the more opportunities for door prizes.

Click the White/Orange "Register Now" tab, at the top of the page, to register.


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